Pull Down Beds

pull down bed


Pull down beds are the perfect space saving solution.

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Wall Beds

For  single or double beds in rooms where space is at a premium, a pull down bed is a great way of providing sleeping accommodation without losing valuable space.

pull down double bed

With clever bed lift mechanisms and strong steel foldaway legs, foldaway beds have been a common bedroom solution for many decades in Europe. Now the British can enjoy the benefits of the extra space that a foldaway bed can bring. The beds themselves can go into wall recesses or wardrobe units, specially built to fit in with the current decor of your bedroom.

wall bed with pivoting shelves

With sliding or pivoting shelving the bed can be completely concealed during the day.

The mechanisms behind different pull down beds vary so you can have power assisted ones if you feel the idea of lifting a fold up bed is not something you want to have to do. We can lead you through the many options and help you make the choice that suits your lifestyle.

Here at Day and Knight we are happy to offer our customers the very best pull down and swing away beds in a wide variety of styles.

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