Day and Knight Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we’ll share our design knowledge with you so you are able to choose the right furniture that is versatile, stylish and practical.

We don’t just install wardrobes and storage cupboards and leave you to it, as our work is not only about making things look great.

At Day and Knight we also take the time to understand precisely what you want and need from your furniture so that together we’re able to come with the ideal storage solution, that looks pretty fabulous too.

To give you an idea, whilst we are with you we will survey your room and take down measurements and dimensions and we also take a look at specifically what you need to store within your furniture.

We are able to make each unit any size, depth or width and take the time to consider the length of your clothing for the ideal hanging space, we may ask you about how many pairs of shoes you have so you have plenty of space for those and will advise you on alternative storage solutions such as appropriate shelving and drawers.

So everything has its place, every millimetre of space is fully utilised and with your new furniture installed you will be finally free from unnecessary clutter.

Every little detail is taken into consideration and our made-to-measure quality furniture looks beautifully stylish, is functional, fit for purpose and is built to last for years to come.

So whether you want:

Vinyl doors, mirrored doors or a mix and match, door handles or no door handles, bold and brash colours or muted and understated, or can’t decide on a contemporary, modern or traditional style?

All of these options are available to you and we are on hand to help you decide what is the perfect design and storage option for you.

You will receive a full written Day and Knight Quotation

Following our consultation we send you a full written quotation, valid for 30 days and give you an estimated start date for the installation.

Our Payment Process 

We accept all major credit cards and payment is split into three parts, the first due at the time of booking, the second on delivery of your furniture and final payment when the work is complete.

So if you’d like to go ahead and book in your initial consultation with Day and Knight all you need to do is complete your details below and we’ll be in touch with a suitable date and time for us to meet. Or give us a call.

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