When you are renovating your home, the most important thing you should pay attention to is the style of the wardrobe. Bespoke wardrobe has gained a lot of popularity in the current interior décor.

  • You can opt for features and details as per your preferences and taste. In this regard, you can have a separate shoe rack that can hold all your shoes and heels. You can add additional shelves, drawers and racks for unique looking space.
  • Lighting is considered as a part of the design and it can be installed inside each cabinet, drawer and shelf. You can choose the perfect material and style of finish and can create a beautiful piece that will complement the interior of the room.
  • Fitted wardrobes are a perfect fit for the modern style home. You can have it to enhance the look of your bedroom and to enjoy abundant storage space, which is unbeatable.
  • It is an intelligent solution to deal with the unused spaces. Such type of wardrobe can be easily customized to fit into L-shaped corners or around the windows in order to make the proper utilization of the space in the room. You can utilize your alcoves and even unused corners. Just integrate your wardrobe with the existing room layout.

If you are in the search of fitted wardrobes in Berkshire, you can certainly find the best company. This is because there are many companies, but Day & Knight is the one that build the wardrobes to the exact dimension of the available space. Complete care and attention is given to the installation process and operate with the utmost level of respect for your home. Once the installation process is done, your room will be left clean and you can enjoy your new wardrobe for many years to come.