Jonathan Talks About The Importance of Wardrobe Hanging Rails

Jonathan Talks About The Importance of Wardrobe Hanging Rails

Watch Jonathan talk about the importance of what type of hanging rails are used within your wardrobes and cupboards.

“It sounds silly but if you go to most companies nowadays they use these plastic oval hanging rails. The hanging rail is where you put all of your clothes on. But after a while they start chipping and the plastic starts splitting off them so for our customer wardrobes I always use chrome bars; which are 25 millimetre so it doesn’t matter what weight you put on them, they won’t bend.

It’s those little extra things. I don’t use use plastic little things I use metal. I don’t use cam and dowels, I screw everything together. I don’t use any glue. So everything is screwed together.

With the cam and dowel any vibration running back and forth across the room; over a period of time that movement is there because it starts to loosen and then you get the situation where your doors never close properly or they’re always touching; you have to pull one door open to close the other door. You don’t get that from a front-frame system as simply it doesn’t move. Once it is built it stays exactly as it is.

All these are important things to consider and as a carpenter I want to design and install the best quality bespoke fitted furniture in our customer’s homes not just sell a wardrobe”.